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Counterfeit money as a weapon of war

Counterfeit money is a weapon that has been used for wars for centuries. Napoleon, Hitler, the CIA did not hesitate to use it for their own purposes. And in the context of today’s confrontation between Russia and the West, one should not be deceived that the problem of counterfeit money is not very relevant for our country.

Counterfeit money is rarely spoken about in Russia today. Probably, partly because, according to estimates of the Bank of Russia, there are few such people in our country. So, according to the results of 2018, 38.5 thousand fake ruble banknotes were revealed, which, as the Russian Central Bank proudly said, is 15% lower than the previous year. It should be recognized that counterfeiting Russian banknotes is very difficult, since the latest generation of domestic banknotes has reliable protection – one of the best in the world (along with US dollars).

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Safely enough, according to the information of the Central Bank, the situation is with the banknotes of other countries in Russia. So, for the whole of 2018, a total of 2579 counterfeit notes of foreign origin were revealed. It is noteworthy that 2352 of them are American dollars (almost exclusively 100-dollar banknotes).

But do not flatter yourself that the problem of counterfeit money is not very relevant for Russia.

Because there are much more counterfeit money actually circulating in Russia than the identified counterfeits. It should be borne in mind that the vast majority of the same 100-dollar bills are not in circulation, they are hidden in safes, bank cells and under the mattresses of Russian citizens. Therefore, they do not pass through the filter filters. A verification of banknotes through bank cash desks is considered relatively reliable. Checking in stores, cafes and other similar organizations does not always allow us to identify fakes.

Counterfeit money as a weapon of war

There is much more counterfeit money than the identified counterfeits. It should be borne in mind that the vast majority of the same 100-dollar bills are not in circulation, they are hidden in safes, bank cells and under the mattresses of Russian citizens. Photo: Ivan Damanik / Globallookpress

Also, at any time, counterfeit banknotes can suddenly crash into the Russian economy. Counterfeit money is a weapon that has been used for wars for centuries. And the significance of these weapons today is no less than, say, in the past or the century before last.

Tensions between Russia and the West are progressing. In fact, they declared war on us. And in this situation, one cannot discount the possibility of the West using such weapons as counterfeit money. Which, as experience shows, were used by states for waging war in three ways.

At the beginning of this year, the book World Capitalism. Exposure. They dared to tell the truth. ”

Firstly, with the help of such money, an intelligence network of the aggressor state could be financed on the territory of the country that was planned to be captured.

Secondly, large amounts of counterfeit money could be thrown into the economy of an adversary’s country in order to disorganize its money circulation (devaluation of the local currency and provoking inflation and hyperinflation).

Thirdly, with the help of fake money, the aggressor country could pay the costs of maintaining its armed forces in the occupied territory and even pay orders for the production of weapons and equipment.

It is well known that even more than two centuries ago, Napoleon, invading Russia, actively used fake paper rubles to pay the local population for troop stalls and for the purchase of food and fodder. Historians argue that fakes (they are called “Napoleonic”) were made in France in large quantities even before the campaign to the east and, according to Napoleon’s plans, were to disorganize money circulation in Russia. Indeed, by the fall of 1812, the real value of the Russian banknote was only 25 kopecks. True, the contribution to this depreciation was made not only by the “Napoleon”, but also by the “printing press” of the Russian treasury (more precisely, the State Assignation Bank).

In preparation for and during World War II, Hitler flooded many countries with counterfeit money. The Soviet Union was no exception. The exact number of printed fake Soviet rubles remained unknown, but there seemed to be a lot of them. Incidentally, one of the official grounds for conducting monetary reform in the USSR in 1947 was the presence in circulation of a significant number of German fakes.

An example of how the Third Reich tried to use counterfeit money to undermine the enemy’s economy is Operation Bernhard. She was named after her leader, the SS Sturmbannführer Bernhard Krueger. The essence of the operation was to organize a large-scale cash issue of British pounds. The operation was super secret.

Already the First World War revealed a strong dependence of success on the battlefield on the state of the warring economies …

This top-secret enterprise, deployed in two barracks of a concentration camp, initially employed 40 people, then the number of employees was increased to 140 people (almost all were professionals in their field – printers, engravers, artists, bank employees). From mid-1943 to mid-1944, an average of about 65 thousand fake bills were issued every month on six printing presses. By some estimates, a total of £ 300 million worth of “products” were manufactured. True, there was a lot of marriage. 125 million pounds were suitable for use. And this is approximately 10% of the value of the cash currency that was then circulated in England.

It was originally planned that counterfeit bills would be scattered from aircraft over the territory of England. Then this option was abandoned. It was decided that counterfeit money would be sent to the islands of Misty Albion through neutral countries through smuggling channels or through illegal currency transactions. With the undermining of money circulation, the organizers of the operation failed. But fake pounds were very useful for financing the purchase of weapons and equipment. Through his agents in Swiss banking circles, they managed to convert fakes into real Swiss francs, and partly also into US dollars. Counterfeit pounds were supplied with German intelligence agents around the world, as well as armed formations of Hitler’s supporters in Italy and southeast European countries.

In 1944, the Third Reich began preparing the operation as part of the economic war against the United States using fake dollars. The training was conducted by the same specialists who were involved in Operation Bernhard. It was assumed that the initial production capacity in terms of value would be $ 1 million per day. However, unforeseen technical difficulties arose (unacceptably low fake quality). The first batch of fakes was made only in March 1945 – about 6 thousand 100-dollar bills. The military ring around Germany was rapidly shrinking, it did not come to the realization of dollar fakes.

In the post-war world, the United States began to resort to the use of monetary fakes as a weapon. Here, Washington’s operation against Iraq is a textbook example. Since the beginning of the 1990s, large quantities of counterfeit currency, both local and American dollars, began to be thrown into this Middle Eastern country. There was so much evidence that even the New York Times published an article in 1992 with the headline “An attack of counterfeit money aimed at destroying the economy of Iraq.”

The number of versions explaining the miraculous transformation of the “poor” and even the “poor” knights of the Knights Templar into …

And here is an interesting article by the Norwegian antiglobalist expert Terje Maloy entitled “Real fake helicopter money – the CIA is engaged in counterfeiting in order to destroy national economies”, published in 2017 in the publication Global Research. The author of this material first of all recalls the same Iraq: “The Iraqi economy is the goal of a destabilization campaign led by the United States. To do this, they are trying to flood the country with a huge amount of counterfeit currency, say Arab and Western officials … Fake bales with fake dinars are smuggled across the Jordanian, Saudi, Turkish and Iranian borders to undermine the Iraqi economy, officials who closely monitor the situation in Iraq said. These officials believe that in addition to local money, counterfeit dollars come to Iraq to further confuse the banking system. Officials who insist on their anonymity said that the West, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel are participating in this economic diversion. ”

The counterfeit money that the Central Intelligence Agency and other US intelligence agencies use to undermine the economies of unwanted states are literally “helicopter”. The article mentioned that in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, counterfeit money was dumped by United States helicopters in the southern marshy areas.

Counterfeit money as a weapon of war

One cannot discount the possibility of the West using such weapons as counterfeit money. Photo: Ivan Damanik /

In Afghanistan, counterfeit American banknotes totaling about $ 2 billion were transferred to the mujahideen through the CIA through the CIA channels (as part of Operation Cyclone, which took place in the 1980s).

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According to the Norwegian expert, the causes of hyperinflation in Zimbabwe at the end of the last – beginning of this century should be sought not in the inability of local authorities to manage the economy (as it was and is being presented by the Western media).

Terrier Malaya and other experts call countries where counterfeiting has reached a large scale. Most of them specialize in issuing counterfeit dollar bills. Especially denominations of $ 100. These are North Korea, Iran, Peru, Venezuela. Also called countries where an increased level of circulation of counterfeit dollars is recorded. These are Poland, Ukraine, Israel and some other countries.

Around the counterfeit money industry, a large number of legends and versions have sprung up in North Korea and Iran. Many are surprised at the high quality of the fake dollars made in these countries. Sometimes such banknotes turn out to be even better than those that go off the printing presses of the US Federal Reserve System (in America, banknotes are produced at two enterprises). From here even the term “superdollars” appeared.

And here there are legitimate doubts that North Korea, Iran and some other countries could independently establish the production of fake American banknotes. Once upon a time, there were really dollar bill machines in North Korea and Iran. There are a lot of direct and indirect evidence to this effect. So, North Korea at one time (in the 1970s) received such equipment from the GDR. However, much water has flowed since then. Equipment has long been depreciated. And America has replaced its notes and reached a new level of protection. Let me remind you once again that dollar bills today are considered one of the most protected banknotes in the world.

And here there are different versions of the explanations.

One of them boils down to the fact that the information (including Washington’s official reports) that there is a large-scale production of counterfeit dollars on the territory of the DPRK and Iran, is nothing more than a fake (misinformation). And why does Washington need such misinformation? And in order to ward off the suspicion that it is the United States that produces counterfeit dollars. By the proverb: “Who is the loudest shout,“ hold the thief ”? The thief himself. ” And who exactly in the USA can produce such fake dollars? The first version is the US Federal Reserve. It is under her control that there are two enterprises with equipment for printing notes. The second version is American intelligence agencies, which, in fact, need fake dollars to conduct operations around the world. But I think that, most likely, a secret alliance has long been formed between the US Federal Reserve and the American intelligence services, within the framework of which practical tasks are being solved to organize the production and use of counterfeit cash products.

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Note that it is the US Federal Reserve and US intelligence agencies that make up the backbone of the “deep state” that invisibly controls (or at least tries to control) America’s domestic and foreign policies. And for this we need money. In my publications, I have already partially touched upon the topic of the shadow government and its financing. This is the gigantic amount of budgetary funds that go to the Pentagon (part of it is also included in the “deep state”) and under the cover of secret articles are used for the purpose of the “deep state”. This is the proceeds from the drug business (covered by the Central Intelligence Agency around the world). Finally, these are fake dollars.

Where exactly can the production of fake dollars be organized by the “shadow government”? Probably, primarily in the United States itself. And only then the products of counterfeiters through various channels get to the right places in the world. Some experts say so.

Others, however, believe that organizing large-scale production of counterfeit dollars in the United States with great risks (opponents of the “deep state” – and there are a lot of such in America – can find underground production near by). Therefore, it is better to establish production where high protection of clandestine productions from prying eyes can be provided. By the way, it is precisely such conditions, paradoxically, that exist in North Korea. It all sounds almost unbelievable. But the version that the “deep state” organized the production of fake dollars in the DPRK is held by several experts.

Counterfeit money as a weapon of war

Where exactly can the production of fake dollars be organized by the “shadow government”? Probably, primarily in the United States itself. Photo: Volodymyr Horbovyy / Globallookpress

One of them is well known to Russian readers. This is an Italian politician and publicist Julietto Chiesa. He repeatedly drew the audience’s attention to the prohibitively high number of counterfeit dollars in Ukraine. It should be noted that they are of high quality, that is, they are “superdollars”. The Italian in his article “The Third World War has already begun. Against the Russians! ”Writes:“ My last discovery: where did all this money come from? I knew that the United States produces $ 85 billion every month from nothing. They are created by computers. They pay their debt with money that they produce artificially from scratch. 100 dollar bills are made … in North Korea! There are three places where the United States produces its money: two in America, and the third in North Korea, not far from Pyongyang. This is a whole city surrounded by special services of North Korea, the 69th division. A whole base for the production of dollars was created there. These are gorgeous real American dollars.

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True, not quite real: there is such an expression “same-same but different” (that, but not that. – Approx. Author). They are not fake and at the same time fake. This is tens of billions every month. Why do Americans make money there? Because North Korea is the most isolated country in the world. Thus, they retain the power of Korean dictators. Most importantly, they create secret funding for all the US secret services — the CIA, NSA, and so on. To do this, do not go to the US Senate and ask for an increase in costs. Maybe President Obama himself knows nothing about this. They, therefore, freely, outside the control of Congress, finance the CIA. Where does this money come from for Ukraine? And to finance the “free” Syrian army? From there, from North Korea! They can thus buy an entire army. Do you still think that you live in a civilized world ?! This is a crime that is in power, has money, and that can kill or buy an entire government. ”

Giulietto Chiesa, a friend of the Russian people and worried about the fate of Russia, rightly warns us: be prepared that such dangerous weapons as fake dollars can be used against your country. And I will add on my own that the danger of this weapon does not depend on where it was produced – in North Korea, the United States or any other country.