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Buy fake money counterfeit bills false money for ATM. Instead of telling you in words about the quality of our products, we filmed video reviews demonstrating the fact that our counterfeit banknotes were fake and work. As you can see in the video demonstration, this is really fake money made in our printing house.

Our counterfeit notes are printed on two halves and glued together. Their resemblance to the original is completely identical.

Only an experienced specialist in a bank can distinguish a fake, while any ATM accepts our fake banknotes without fail as real money. In the video demonstrations, we show the validity of our counterfeit money on the detectors of leading manufacturers of banking equipment.

We always have a large supply of finished products of counterfeit banknotes. We specialize in large denominated Dollars and Euros and ship goods worldwide with transport companies.

Our service sells counterfeit money only in bulk. We are not interested in selling goods in small retail. For this reason, check out our minimum wholesale offer.

The price of one banknote = 20% of the face value of the banknote.

The minimum wholesale lot of fake dollars costs $ 20,000 => the volume of this lot is $ 100,000

The minimum wholesale lot of fake euros costs 20.000 € => the volume of this lot is 100.000 €

There is also a fixed price for the delivery of goods = + $ 500 | + 500 €

As a rule, this $ 500 / € is enough to pay for the services of a transport company + for the salary expenses of our people, who ship according to their fake documents.

If you need bank cards issued to other people, then we are ready to provide you with cards of offshore banking systems Advanced Cash or Payeer for an additional fee.

Price of one ready-to-use card = $ 300 We do not sell bank cards separately. You can order bank cards only TOGETHER with a minimal batch of our fake banknotes.

All our video reviews are signed by our contact e-mail confirming that the video demonstration of our product was actually shot by us. To contact us, you can write to any mail from the video review.

We provide faster contacts for communication, such as a messenger, but we recommend that you write to us by e-mail before payment so that you can make sure that you are talking with us.

Advance payment of 100%. Payment using Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

We do not accept any other conditions except those that we have designated. There are no other ways and options to receive our goods without 100% prepayment via Bitcoin.

We ignore any requests, requirements and conditions that are not related to our specific offer. No need to waste our time if you are not satisfied with our terms of sale. They will not change under any circumstances.

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Counterfeiters began to waste time on trifles

The Office of the Criminal Police of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (Landeskriminalamt Schleswig-Holstein) issued a special warning: counterfeit money began to appear too often in circulation in northern Germany. This time we are talking about counterfeit banknotes of low denomination – “tens” and “twenty”, whereas earlier it was believed that the favorite banknote of counterfeiters is 50 euros.

The influx of counterfeit bills has been observed in the north of the country in recent weeks, but now they are found throughout Germany, forensic experts warn. It is relatively easy to distinguish a counterfeit from real money: the banknotes lack a number of security elements, and on the reverse side there is an inscription “prob copy”. Apparently, a series of counterfeit bills were ordered online from Asian merchants offering similar products. So far, the counterfeit 10 euro denomination has always had the serial number PA7 497 803 159, the “twenty” – UC1 366 259 581. Presumably, young residents of the country became the counterfeiters: first of all, counterfeit bills were noticed and seized in school canteens in the northern districts of Hamburg and on south of Schleswig-Holstein, from where they began their journey throughout the country. Also, fake “tens” and “twenty” were found on footpaths, playgrounds, in other public places, where they were probably left on purpose.

Taking into account the appearance of the next series of counterfeit money, the Federal Bank of Germany (Bundesbank) also recommends that you pay attention to the banknotes that fall into your hands. How to distinguish a counterfeit banknote from a real one? The original banknote must have a sequence of letters printed on the front side: for old banknotes it is BDE ECB EZB EKT EKP, for the current series “Europe” – BCE ECB ECB EZB EKP EKB EKB BĊE EBC. In the part of the banknote where the font and pictures are absent, watermarks should be clearly visible. If the banknote is turned over, the hologram on it changes, as well as the image on the shiny stripes on the smaller denominations and the denomination on the right – on the larger ones. The Europa series banknotes have a holographic strip with a window with a transparent background, in which the image of the goddess Europa appears when the banknote is tilted.

If you get hold of banknotes that there is reason to consider a fake – in no case try to get rid of them through retail chains, immediately contact the police. The Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Germany provides for punishment not only for the production of counterfeit banknotes and coins (Article 146 of the Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Germany), but also for distribution (Article 147), and a person who deliberately tries to spend counterfeit money himself becomes a counterfeiter. If possible, the police will have to tell you how that kind of money got into your hands, but, alas, no one compensates for their face value – the bills will be seized. However, the chances of meeting a fake in a simple German man in the street are still not so many: purely mathematically, there are ten counterfeit banknotes per 10,000 inhabitants of Germany. The systematic exchange of banknotes – the release of the new Europa series, which ended in May of the outgoing year with the appearance of the last 200 euro banknote – made life much more difficult for fraudsters: the new euro is one of the safest currencies with the most modern security elements. The series of counterfeit “tens” and “twenties” that appeared in Hamburg should hardly be regarded as a serious attempt at counterfeiting: not having high quality, these bills are more designed for inattention. Counterfeiters with serious experience really prefer the “fifty kopeck piece”: earlier criminal statistics testified that this is the most common counterfeit bill. The release of the “Europe” series, we repeat, significantly complicated the life of the scammers, they switched to the “twenty”, but in general, counterfeit money is withdrawn from circulation in Europe less and less.

Sale of counterfeit money, the Darknet segment is developing by leaps and bounds, the shadow industry’s IT virtuosos have created face recognition systems and even search by Telegram location
The reason for such a rapid growth of the audience is the constantly shrinking incomes of the population in the white industry and the unspoken Fake cash sell from the authorities for cybercrimes against other states on the Internet

Russia can become famous for one of the greatest freedoms in the field of illegal goods on the Darknet, and this is also influenced by the internal dictatorship in the country squeezing white business into shadow services buy counterfeit bills.

Example: Vasya goes to work at Svyaznoy, but the boss fucks him in the ass forcing him to sell as many goods as Vasya, due to certain circumstances, cannot sell, and if he does not fulfill the plan, then he is deprived of a certain bonus or other benefits to buy fake money which undetectable for ATM.
Here Vasya learns that he can become a performer for a shadow seller by identifying Yandex.Money and Qiwi, fulfilling the plan of which you can easily raise your salary in 2-3 months
Is it beneficial for Vasya to stay put? Yes. Buy fake cash and all right.
Vasya uses the company as an intermediary in shady services and she, in turn, is well aware that she acts as a launderer for funds of dubious origin counterfeit cash, high quality bills for example dollars.

The coronavirus and the global crisis, as well as zero support for white business, led to the fact that quite large LLCs with white funds began to appear on the Fake money market for several years, which allows you to scroll through them huge turnovers for cashing without any problems The only real store in the history of mankind selling counterfeit money and fake banknotes.
There are no minuses without pluses, and legal goods or functions are starting to go over to shady adventures more and more often, which gives significant advantages in the market for certain sellers False money you can buy in online shop.

The cashier at the Train Station understands that she has access to the exits and entrances of clients to other cities, which is also a very popular punching service on the Buy fake money online store site, sell counterfeit bills for ATM.
With her participation, she has already joined our ranks and took part in development, because Counterfeit money her own salary is only enough to cover the rent of an apartment and fake props
The more the economic hole in the country increases, the more likely those persons who have useful positions in government organizations, banks and other institutions will switch to sell fake dollars cryptocurrency calculation methods and, as a result, interact with shadow sellers on the Fake money site.
Previously, I have already published an article devoted to building a reputation and conducting a shadow business on the Darknet, but today we will talk about the prices of goods in principle and from which the entire price range for a particular product is built Selling counterfeit euro high quality the real undetectable.

Expensive? Are you serious? No. Buy fake money in Bankhummer counterfeit dollars and EURO online shop.
Some buyers usually do not read the full product description and sellers often left a description on forum threads without specific numbers for the product, sell fake money worldwide which causes misunderstanding and interest + curiosity that, when specifying the full price tag for the product, Fake cash currency breaks into the client’s empty wallet.
To avoid such confusion, you need to specifically describe everything to the smallest detail about your product, payment methods by the client, and the rules for conducting a transaction in advance.

The client of the shadow Fake money market, in turn, pays for the quality of the services provided, Counterfeit cash as well as the anonymity that the seller provides if the purchase of a digital or physical product unwittingly False bills affects his personal data, it is always worth reminding those individuals who consider your product fabulously expensive to buy fake cash.

Deming … dumb!
Dumping is a key aspect of shadow forums and is prohibited only in the counterfeit money industry, but in order to increase the flow of customers, sellers who lower prices by 50-70% do not allow themselves and others to earn money accordingly buy fake money
From this, one should take into account the facts that:
1) Such a product will be made hastily and rather dismissively and not neatly fake money for sale
2) Such a product will be made with a fairly high quality so that the first customers have good impressions and, as a result, have laudatory reviews counterfeit money for sale.

In cases where dumping is a seller’s policy, where to buy fake dollars this negatively affects the market and knocks down competition, but under a large flow of applications, the seller either does not cope with the load or, Buy fake money realizing its importance, over time, finds ways without which his product can be made cheaper and faster due to which it will suffer the quality of the product and service in general sell fake money site (the same Telegram consulting and details)

Monopoly is not a board game! Buy fake money right now man!
To break a person’s nose or shove a bottle into the anus, what could be more pleasant than explaining the available forms of behavior in society to enemies? Buy fake money cash dollars euro, It is easier to say than to do, and basically, for atypical cases, either one-time transactions with muddy users or the choice of a high-quality monopoly service are required, but with a price tag 5/10 times more fake money sell online site.
It is always more relevant to pay for the quality of such a service provided than to sail with the novoreg to Kolyma, Counterfeit money especially knowing the victim and her knowledge of your activities counterfeiters online shop.

I can also cite as an example a specific service that was required for my drop, this is legal death with the cancellation of all documents and bank accounts where to buy fake cash.
This service for those who are on the wanted list is inherently suitable because no one will look for the corpse, but will open the grave best shop of fake money.

For too long I tried to find a way to make money legally, I got tired and realized that I had to try something else. Therefore, I decided to buy counterfeit money on the site, the online counterfeit money store offered me the sale of counterfeit money and these fakes made me happy. I started using fake dollars to top up bank cards through an ATM and finally started earning a large salary that I could never get in a regular job. Life has become better and I can afford a lot thanks to these finances, I plan to open a new business at my leisure in the near future, so I’m tired of spending money on all sorts of entertainment. This counterfeit money store made me a rich man and I no longer feel like a failure who has not achieved anything in my life. Let’s see what happens next, but I already know that now everything will be fine. Eh … I have never felt such financial independence before
In this section, we publish the prices for the minimum orders for different currencies of the world.
Remember! We do not send trial samples and do not sell batches of less volume than our minimum volume. You shouldn’t even try to write to us demanding to send you a test sample or sell a micro batch of goods. We are not petty speculators and we are not at all interested in your problems, doubts, fears and the desire to buy $ 1000 for $ 100. We sell only in bulk and only on 100% prepaid bitcoin. There are no other options for receiving our goods, except for the option we proposed.
These are the main currencies in which we do our business. Nevertheless, we have layouts of other world currencies and we are ready to produce almost any currency in the world observing all the security features of banknotes. For this we have the ideal paper, UV and infrared inks, hologram equipment, laser perforations and color-changing varnishes. The technologies of all countries differ only in the designs of banknotes, while the entire set of typical security elements is practically the same for all currencies.
We can make a batch of currency to order without any problems.
Please note that the minimum special order amount is $ 21,000
The rest is individual.

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